Sunday, August 12, 2012

It always starts with one person and a half-baked idea....

I started to post on Kansas secession in my original (and largely dormant) blog, Curmudgeon's Cave, a few weeks ago, but I didn't get very far.  I've been busy with family and (fortunately, in some ways, and unfortunately, in others) paying work.  But a recent conversation with a candidate for the Kansas State Senate has me interested in the topic once again, so I wanted to take the topic back up.

Honestly, Curmudgeon's Cave isn't the right place to do it.  It's full of a bunch of stuff that really isn't incompatible with what I'm calling the Kansas Sovereignty movement (or when I'm typing in a hurry the "Kanaas Sovreightly mocement"), but not directly germane to it.  No good purpose would be served in forcing potential protestant allies through my rants against liberal Catholics or the novus ordo establishment (they have no idea what I'm talking about).  For them, we can stick to politics for the moment and I'll try to convert them later, after we've set temporal affairs in order and we have time for a pleasant talk about eternal things.  The movement needs a new home, and the best time to establish that new home is right now, when th Kansas Sovereignty movement has only one

One one member, you say?  That's right.  Just me.  I've been corresponding with the Middlebury Institute, and I've confirmed it.  Absolutely nobody but me is opening promoting Kansas secession right now.  I'll be lonely, but hey....I'll be the founder.

So here goes.....

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